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Welcome to The Official Website of Oscar McBride 

Author. Speaker. Coach. Mentor.

“Oscar McBride played football for me for 4 years at the University of Notre Dame and I had the opportunity to witness him under various situations, both good and adverse, and I can tell you he handled both like a champion.  Oscar was an excellent football player, a good student, but, more importantly, an outstanding individual that contributed to his teammates by encouraging them and being a true friend.

I’m very proud of Oscar’s accomplishments since he left the football field at Notre Dame and in the NFL.  The fact that he’s supporting so many good causes pleases me, but certainly does not surprise me.  Oscar McBride could write his own recommendation and I’d be happy to sign it.”
                                                                                Lou Holtz

PLEASE help Oscar and his Fit 4 Life Youth Foundation!

Fit4Life is part of the Under Armour Charity Challenge 
and is trying to expand its programs nationally. In order to do so,
we are in need of resources to help us with this extraordinary task.

Here is the link so you can see what our foundation is all about

Our foundation website is: so you
can see some of the programs we've
started in an effort to create youth empowerment.

Thank you to ALL those who helped make the 

FIT 4 LIFE YOUTH Golf Tournament a success!

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“Writing Relentless Wisdom was a way for me to express my opinions about some of the events that were taking place in sport that I felt strongly about. Whether it was a professional athlete not honoring his commitment to being role model or a parent living selfishly through his or her child’s sport experience, I felt the need to write it down. That said, I’m no authority on being the perfect coach or parent… I wrote this book for me too.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Oscar McBride, Author

To order a copy of Oscar's Book, 
simply click the "Relentless Wisdom" book above

Oscar in the News

Academics, Race and Recruiting:
Jaylon Smith and the 99%

Coach Oscar McBride Awarded Double-Goal
Coach Award by Liberty Mutual Insurance
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Blue/Gold Illustrated – Oscar McBride 1991-1994
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Fit 4 Life Youth Foundation & Monogram Winner,
Oscar McBride in Uganda
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